EAN: 4260217682284 - ArtNr.: 682000 - AMPX8 8x 2000 Mbit Ethernet over Coax

EAN: 4260217682277 - ArtNr.: 681000 - AMPX8 8x 1000 Mbit Ethernet over Coax

The AMP X8 is a highly integrated distribution amplifier that distributes a DVB-C signal and network data to 8 coaxial segments.

  • It inserts up to 8 separate Gigabit networks onto the existing coaxial segments.
  • The pluggable G.hn modules deliver 750 Mbit or 1700 Mbit net per coaxial segment, depending on the AMP X8 model.
  • The network data of each coaxial segment is isolated from that of the other segments.
  • The privacy can and must be set in an Ethernet switch.
  • The required compatibility of the used frequencies to a cable network operator limits the bandwidth to 750 Mbit.
  • Without this limitation (coaxial cable without broadband TV) even up to 1.5 Gbit net per segment is available.
  • Signal strength and skew can be adjusted digitally.
  • The AMP X8 takes care of all tasks like filtering, amplifying and splitting the TV signals as well as inserting the G.hn network data.
  • A built-in power meter simplifies service during and after installation.
  • Elaborate mounting boards/installations are not required.
  • For large numbers of users, additional AMP X8s can be connected in series.
  • With the 24 V/120 W power supply (Meanwell GST120A24-P1M) 40 of the EOC1000 or EOC1700 can be powered via the AMP X8.
  • Video - Wiring and connection EOC in-wall socket to AMP X8

Important: setting the output power

The total band power (approx. 90 transponders) is 19.5 dB higher compared to the output power of a single transponder determined with a measuring device!

You must take this into account when adjusting the total band power.

Example 1

1 transponder:
80.0 dBµV measured
90 transponders:
99.5 dbµV tape power

The LED display on the device shows 99 dBµV.

Result: The input signal can be amplified (only) by 10 dB.

Example 2

1 transponder:
90.0 dBµV measured
90 transponders:
109.5 dbµV tape power

The LED display on the device shows 109 dBµV.

Result: The input signal cannot be further amplified.

Consideration for 5 in-wall sockets in the line:

  • Good TV reception requires 60 dbµV - 75 dbµV at the input.
  • One in-wall socket EOC 1000/EOC 2000 has a transmission loss of 2-3 dB and a decoupling loss of 18 dB.
  • The AMP X8 delivers a maximum of 110 dbµV per strand.

After 5 EOC 1000/EOC 2000 in-wall sockets connected in a row is the total attenuation:

Transmission loss
Decoupling attenuation
Attenuation in the coaxial cable
Total attenuation

Then an optimal setting on the AMP X8 would be:
60 bµV-65 dbµV + 38 dB = 98-103 dbµV.

At the first in-wall socket, 12 dB would then arrive at the output, i.e. 72-77 dbµV.