EAN: 4260217682284 - ArtNr.: 681700 - AMPX8 8x 2000 Mbit Ethernet over Coax
EAN: 4260217682277 - ArtNr.: 680750 - AMPX8 8x 1000 Mbit Ethernet over Coax

The AMP X8 is a highly integrated distribution amplifier that distributes a DVB-C signal and network data to 8 coaxial segments.

It inserts up to 8 separate Gigabit networks onto the existing coaxial segments.
The pluggable G.hn modules deliver 750 Mbit or 1700 Mbit net per coaxial segment, depending on the AMP X8 model.
The network data of each coaxial segment is isolated from that of the other segments.
The privacy can and must be set in an Ethernet switch.

The required compatibility of the used frequencies to a cable network operator limits the bandwidth to 750 Mbit.
Without this limitation (coaxial cable without broadband TV) even up to 1.5 Gbit net per segment is available.

Signal strength and skew can be adjusted digitally.
The AMP X8 takes care of all tasks like filtering, amplifying and splitting the TV signals as well as inserting the G.hn network data.
A built-in power meter simplifies service during and after installation.
Elaborate mounting boards/installations are not required.
For large numbers of users, additional AMP X8s can be connected in series.
With the 24 V/120 W power supply (Meanwell GST120A24-P1M) 40 of the EOC1000 or EOC1700 can be powered via the AMP X8.