Octopus NET®

High-End Networktuner and SAT>IP / Cable>IP® Server



  • Up to 8 Tuners DVB – S/S2 or C/ C2 or DVB-T/ T2
  • Up to 4 Common Interfaces

Streaming engine

  • 12 single cast clients (independently of the number of connected tuners)
  • Streaming of 12 complete transponders
  • RTP streaming with very low latency
  • UDP streaming with very low latency
  • Very low jitter
  • Consistent network utilisation and no peaks

Notice:: improve the quality of the WLAN data transmission significantly

  • Complete hardware filtering for all PIDs ( no limitation )
  • SAT>IP (Version 1.2) for up to 12 singlecast clients clients and/or multicast streams
  • flexible configuration of single cast and / or multicast

Octopus NET - M4

4 tuner DVB S/S2 or C2/T2

Octopus NET S2X Max

8 tuner DVB S/S2/S2X

Octopus NET A8i C2/T2/ISDB-T

4/8 tuner DVB C2/T2

Octopus Net Rack

SAT>IP-Server for 12 singlecast clients and/or max 12 multicast streams

Octopus Net mini ITX

up to 8 Tuners DVB – S/S2 or C/ C2 or DVB-T/ T2

up to 4 Common Interfaces

Not Listed Anymore

Octopus NET S2

2 tuner DVB S/S2

Octopus NET C2

2 tuner DVB C2/T2