EAN: 4260217681911 - ArtNr.: 320144 - Hostadapter X4 Intern / Extern
Dieter Rimmele - Hostadapter2u2

A host adapter is plugged into a free PCIe slot in the host PC / system ( Gen2 or Gen3 ) and connects to the backplane via the client adapter. The host adapter supports 4 PCIe Gen3 lines which are connected to the client adapter via 2 Mini Displayport cables (2 lines each). A jumper can be used to select whether the cabling is inside ( e.g. Case#2 ) or outside ( Case#3, Case#4 ) of a case. With original cables the length does not have to be adjusted.
With DigitalDevices cables, the optimal setting in the host and client adapters is done automaticaly.
The cable length can be from 0,5m-6,5m There is a Low Provile and a Full Provile slot bracket

Achievable data rates Cable 1 + Cable 2
PCIe Generation1 5 Gbit/s 10 Gbit/s
PCIe Generation1 10 Gbit/s 20 Gbit/s
PCIe Generation1 16 Gbit/s 32 Gbit/s
Note: the PCIe specification only provides for PCIe x1 as a mandatory fallback option.