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Windows Driver

From here you will be forwarded to the windows driver section, there you will find the actual drivers for Windows starting from XP up to 10. All product drivers are located there ,from the Cine S2/C2/T2 products, Octopus products, MAX S8, DuoFlex S2/C2/T2 products and the Flex CI module. All DigitalDevices products are supported by Windows 10.

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Linux Driver

Regarding the support directly in the Kernel:We are using a uni driver model and all our suppliers allowed us to open source the drivers. The workload of this handling is much higher than just write the drivers. In contradiction to other driver designers we are using the original documentation of the suppliers which is not generally available. Unfortunately some of the maintainers refuse to change or even discuss missing or wrong register settings and methods. We cover a lot of applications which are going beyond the single installations of the drivers of the maintainers. According to the Linux rules there should only be one driver. So it leads to problems when we are not allowed to improve or correct the drivers.

We work on a solution for this issue but can’t tell how long it will take to get our drivers in the kernel. This is not a technical issue.

For example:

our driver for the TDA 18212: There is a driver in the kernel which was reverse engineered. This driver is unfortunately incomplete. We don’t blame the maintainer for that because of lack of documentation he couldn’t achieve more. The maintainer agreed to accept our driver in addition but someone vetoed against that.


There are in many cases political interests which prevent improvements.

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