EAN: 4260217682079 - ArtNr.: 610001 - EOC module for AMP X8

A G.Hn module inserts the network data in the lower frequency range of the TV spectrum.

Depending on the model of the AMP X8, gross 1000 Mbit or 1700 Mbit per coaxial segment are fed in.

  • AMP X8 1000: --> 2 MHz – 80 MHz
  • AMP X8 2000: --> 2 MHz – 200 MHz

Up to 8 G.hn modules can be plugged into one AMP X8.
The network data of each coaxial segment is isolated from that of the other segments.
Privacy can and must be set in an Ethernet switch.

The required compatibility of the used frequencies to a cable network operator limits the net bandwidth to 700 MBit.
Without this limitation (coaxial cable without broadband TV), even up to 1.5 Gbit net per segment is available.

The slowest device in the coaxial segment determines the data rate:

  • An AMP X8 1000 with EOC2000 --> 700 Mbit
  • An AMP X8 2000 with an EOC1000 in the coaxial segment --> 700 Mbit net
  • An AMP X8 2000 with only EOC2000 in the coaxial segment --> 1700 Mbit net

  • Frequency range: 2 - 199 MHz
  • Network standard: G.hn
  • Hardware encryption: AES 128-bit
  • Quality of Service: VLAN/TOS/Packet Classifier
  • Data rate gross: 2000 Mbps
  • Net data rate: 1700 Mbps