Digital Devices expands the product range with a number of measurement technology products.

As with the previously very successful Digital Devices products, the range will include both PCIe cards as well as finished devices in a single housing.

In order to meet the various wishes of the developers, a very flexible possibility is provided, which offers the developer the choice between a finished measuring device and a modular measuring environment.

This makes it possible to integrate the measurement cards into the specific environment of each customer’s application.

The first products to be offered are a 2 GSamples 8-bit oscilloscope card with the corresponding probes.

Shortly will follow:

  • Oscilloscope Card (Digitizer) 6 GSamples 12-bit
  • Oscilloscope Card (Digitizer) 10 GSamples 12-bit
  • PCIe spectrum analyser
  • Vector network analyser