EAN: 4260217681904 - ArtNr.: 320248 - Clientadapter X8 Intern/Extern

A clientadapter – plugged into the upstream port of a backplane (Gen2 or Gen3) – is connected via the host adapter to a free PCIe slot in the host system.

The client adapter X8 supports 8 PCIe Gen3 lines which are connected via 4 Mini Display port cables (2 lanes each) to the host adapter.

A jumper can be used to select whether the cabling is inside (e.g., Case #2) or outside (Case #3, Case #4) of a case.

With Digital Devices cables, the optimal setting in the host and client adapters is done automatically.

Cable lengths from 0.5 – 7 m are possible.

There is a Low Profile and a Full Profile slot bracket available.

Achievable data rates Cable 1 Cable 2 Cable 3+4
PCIe Generation1 5 Gbit/s 10 Gbit/s 20 Gbit/s
PCIe Generation2 10 Gbit/s 20 Gbit/s 40 Gbit/s
PCIe Generation3 16 Gbit/s 32 Gbit/s 64 Gbit/s

Note: The PCIe specification only provides for PCIe x1 as a mandatory fallback option.