EAN: 4260217682437 - ArtNr.: 612100 - EOC WLAN




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The EOC WLAN is an in-wall socket which supports the simultaneous transmission of Internet and Cable TV on an existing coax cable network.

The EOC WLAN in-wall socket is a "C"able pass-through socket with 2 antennas (2T2R) and integrated 2.4 GHz WiFi (Wi-Fi 4 2x2 802.11n).

The coax socket provides a broadband cable signal in the range of 108 - 860 MHz, which can be used with a standard receiver.

The TV signal is provided via the TV socket, the network dates are transmitted via WLAN.

Interconnection of individual in-wall sockets is done automatically.

The EOC WLAN is being powered via remote supply by an AMP X8. Therefore, it can supply four subsequent EOC 1000 and/or EOC 2000 and/or EOC WLAN.

The EOC WLAN can be installed in a single flush-mounted box as well as in a multiple flush-mounted box.
Each EOC WLAN can exchange data with any other flush-mounted box.

Recommended application:
Building upgrade with gigabit Ethernet with existing coaxial cabling and on a limited budget.

  • Home users
  • Small company networks
  • Hotels
  • Hospitals
  • Sanatoriums
  • Retirement homes
  • Renovation of old buildings


  • C-throughput in-wall socket
  • Can be integrated into single outlets and multiple outlets
  • Frequency range 2 – 199 MHz
  • Network standard: G.Hn
  • Data rate Gross: 2000 Mbps
  • Data rate Net: 1700 Mbps
  • Attenuation 300 – 860 MHz: -2 dB (16 db coupling)
  • Attenuation 300 – 860 MHz: -3 dB (10 db coupling)
  • Coupling: 10 db or 16 dB
  • Hardware encryption : AES 128-bit
  • Quality of Service: VLAN/TOS/Packet Classifier/Virtually perfect transmission with IPTV
  • Remote service: TR-069 remote management (option)

Only suitable for DVB-C wiring
Satellite wiring is not supported


Software: openWRT 21.02.0
CPU: MIPS24KEc 580 MHz
Flash: 32 MB
Crypto: AES 128/256
Wi-Fi4: Datenrate 2x 150 Mbit/s (brutto) 2x2 802.11n
Freqency: 2.4 GHz
Antenna: 2T2R